The hereby General Conditions for the Users of this Webpage (hereinafter “General Conditions”) have been established in order to regulate the conditions of use of the products and services available on, which is property of FUNDACIÓN CANARIA MBA (hereinafter “MBA”) with Tax ID G-35310580, inscribed in the Canary Islands Foundation Registry on the 16th of November 1992, under number 49, and official address in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Calle Rubén Darío No 5, 35005.

  • Access to this website or its use in any way means the acceptance of each of the hereby General Conditions, which may be modified by the MBA at any given time. Therefore, it is the visitor or user’s responsibility to carefully read these General Conditions of use each time the website is accessed. If there is a condition that you do not agree with, you should abstain from using there hereby website.

2.1.) By means of the website, the MBA provides its users with an array of contents, services, information and data (the “contents”. The MBA has the right to modify the presentation, configuration and localization of the web page at any given time, as well as its contents, products and services.


3.1.)  In general, access to the information on the different products and services available on the website, as well as navigating on the page, will be free of charge, thereby the users will not be required to register and provide personal information, nor the use of passwords. Notwithstanding the above, certain areas of the website shall have restricted access exclusively for MBA students, who will be provided with a password by the MBA.

3.2.) When access to or the use of certain contents or services requires the provision of personal information, the Users must guarantee that the information provided is true, exact and in force. Such information will received automated treatment by the MBA with regard to its nature and aim, in the terms and conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy (link).


4.1.) The User agrees to use this website and its contents and services adequately and legally, and in accordance with the applicable legislation at all times, in addition to the hereby General Conditions of Use of the website, the moral and practices generally accepted and public order. The User shall not:

  1. Use the website without authorization or fraudulently and/or any of its contents for an illegal or forbidden objective by the hereby Conditions, damaging to the rights or interests of a third party, or in any way that may damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate or hinder the normal use of the services or documents, files and any kind of contents stored on any device;
  2. Access or try to access resources or restricted areas of the website without permission;
  3. Cause damage to the physical and logistic systems of the website, its providers and third parties;
  4. Introduce or propagate a virus on the network or any of the physical or logistic systems that may be susceptible of causing damage in the physical or logistic systems of the MBA, its providers or third parties;
  5. Try to access, use and/or manipulate information belonging to the MBA, its third party providers and other Users;
  6. Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any public communication modality, transform or modify contents, without authorization of the owners of the relevant rights or resulting legally allowed;
  7. Eliminate, hide or manipulate any information of intellectual or industrial property rights and any other identification information regarding the rights of the MBA or third parties included in the contents, in addition to any technical protection devices or information mechanisms that may be inserted into the contents;
  8. Obtain or try to obtain the contents using means or procedures different to those provided for such effect or that have been expressly stated on the web pages where such contents may be located or, in general, of those usually used on the Internet as they do not suppose a risk of damage or disablement of the website and/or its contents;
  9. In particular, and without being exhaustive, the User agrees to no transmit, disseminate or share with third parties any information, data, contents, messages, graphs, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any type of material that:

(a) Goes against, undervalues or attacks the fundamental rights and public freedoms acknowledged by constitution, international treaties and the rest of the legislation;

(b) Foments, incites and promotes criminal, denigrating, defamatory, violent or, in general, any action against the law, moral, generally accepted good practices or public order;

(c) Foments, incites and promotes discriminatory actions, attitudes or beliefs by reason of sex, race, religion, belief, age or condition;

(d) Includes, provides or gives access to products, elements, messages and/or services that are criminal, violent, offensive, damaging, degrading or, in general, against the law, moral and the good practices generally accepted or public order;

(e) Foments or creates an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear;

(f) Foments or incites the involvement in dangerous, risky or dangerous practices for health and psychic balance;

(g) Is protected by legislation in terms of intellectual or industrial protection that is property of the MBA or third parties without authorization;

(h) Goes against the honour, personal and family intimacy or the image of any persons;

(i) Involves any kind of publicity;

(j) Includes any kind of virus or programme that hinders the normal working of the website.


5.1.) The MBA cannot guarantee continuous access, correct visualisation, download or use of the elements and information available on the MBA pages, which may be hindered or interrupted by uncontrollable factors or circumstances.

5.2.) The MBA can interrupt the service or immediately terminate the relation with the User should any behaviour on the webpage or any other the services offered be detected that goes against the hereby General Conditions.

5.3.) The MBA provides its Users with an email address in order to inform of any content that may affect the activity of other users, with the aim of amending it should this be adequate.

5.4.) The MBA is not liable for any damages, losses, reclamations or expenses that arise from:

(i) Interferences, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone breakdowns, delays, blocks or disconnections in the working of the electronic system, which may be due to a deficiency, overload and error on the communication lines or networks, or for any other reason beyond the control of the MBA;

(ii) Illegitimate interference by means of harmful programmes and through any means of communication, such as computer viruses or any others;

(iii) Wrongful or inadequate abuse of the MBA web pages;

(iv) Safety or navigation errors due to the malfunctioning of the browser or the use of outdated versions. The MBA administrators reserve the right to totally or partially retrieve any content or information available of the web.

5.5.) The MBA waivers any responsibility for damages of any nature that could result from the inadequate use of the services freely available by its web users. Likewise, the MBA is not liable for the content and information that could be received as a result of providing an email address on the webpage in the information forms. These email addresses shall only be used to contact the person by the different departments. On the other hand, in the event of damages caused due to an illicit or inadequate use of such services, the MBA may file a claim against the user for the damages caused.


6.1.) The MBA provides free-access services on its webpage that may be used by anybody. Such services belong to the use of email addresses, information services, contact forms and admission petitions for Master courses, links, newsletter subscriptions, employment for MBA students and alumni, and for sending CV to work at the MBA. Once a service has been requested, the user expressly agrees for such information to be sent by email or any other means requested by the user.

Special features for the different services:

  • Online application: the subscription to this service does not entail the acceptance of this student at the MBA or booking a place on the course. The only aim is to provide the necessary information to apply for a course, and the application form that must be deposited at the MBA offices.
  • MBA Newsletter: Subscribers to this service will receive periodical information by email regarding matters that the MBA considers relevant for its newsletter, which include events, activities, courses, etc.
  • Employment: This service is exclusive for MBA members, both current students and ex-alumni. The candidate must provide the required information at the External Relations department.
  • Facebook: The MBA will not be responsible under any circumstances of the use of this social network by the user. This service is a mere link to the social network.

The hereby general conditions will regulate the services mentioned.

6.2.) Regarding the limited access services, the user shall be a student of the school to access the Online Campus. In order to be a Registered User, the student must have enrolled previously into a course or master. Otherwise, registry is not possible.


7.1.) The MBA provides Users with links to allow them to access third-party pages and/or websites.

7.2.) The MBA does not revise the contents of such pages when creating a link and does so trusting that the content abides by the applicable legislation. Nonetheless, the MBA is not liable for any products, services, contents, information, data, files and any other type of material on these websites, and does not control them and is not held responsible for any modifications to such materials.

7.3) The MBA cannot guarantee nor be held liable for any damages due to:

  1. a) The working, availability, accessibility or continuity of linked pages;
  2. b) The maintenance of information, contents and services available on the linked pages;
  3. c) The provision or sharing or information, contents and services available on the linked pages;
  4. d) The quality, veracity, truth and usefulness of the information and services available on linked pages in the same terms and conditions and the same reach with regard to the contents and services provided by third parties on the web.
  5. e) The non-compliance of website regulations by the linked pages depending on the services provided.

7.4.) Notwithstanding the above, the MBA can eliminate links to any websites that do not comply with the regulations in force and/or that go against third party rights when deemed necessary or by legal requirement.


8.1.) The User acknowledges and accepts that all brands, commercial names and emblems, all industrial and intellectual property rights on contents and/or any other element on the web page are the exclusive ownership of MBA and/or third parties, who have the exclusive right to use them. Under no circumstances does access to the web page mean renouncing, transferring, licencing or granting total or partial use of these rights unless the opposite is stipulated. There hereby General Use Conditions of this webpage do not grant Users any rights to use, modify, exploit, reproduce, distribute or public communication the webpage and/or its Contents in any other way then provided herein. Any other use of any rights will be subject to prior written authorisation granted by the MBA or third party.

8.2.) The author’s rights on the contents, texts, photos, designs, logos, images, PC programmes, source codes and, in general, any intellectual creation available on this website, as well as the whole site as a multimedia artistic work, are protected by the intellectual property act. The MBA is the owner of the graphic design of the webpage, the menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, texts, images, textures, graphs and all other content on the webpage or, whatever the case, has the relevant authorisation to use these elements. The content available on the web may not be reproduces in part or in full, nor transferred or registered by any information recovery system or any other means without prior authorisation by the Owner.

8.3.) In the same way, deleting, eluding or manipulating the “copyright” and other identification information of the MBA rights, as well as protection devices or any other information mechanism that may save the contents is forbidden. The User of this site will respect the said rights and will avoid any actions that could endanger them. The MBA reserves the right to take legal action in order to defend it legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.


9.1.) Users must provide the MBA with certain personal information for the use of some services. This information will be treated in compliance with Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December on Personal Data Protection. The User has the right to access the personal data treatment policy and established aims by accessing the Privacy Policy (link) on the web.


10.1.) This webpage and other services provided hereon are of an indefinite length. However, the MBA may terminate or freeze any services on the platform. The MBA will inform of the termination or freeze of certain services whenever possible.


11.1.) The MBA is not liable for the impossibility of providing services when this is due to lengthy electricity interruptions, telecommunication lines, social conflicts, strikes, raids, explosions, flooding, Governmental events and omissions and, in general, any force majeure situation.


12.1.) The hereby General Conditions abide by Spanish legislation. Wherever the law allows, the parties expressly renounce to any other applicable jurisdiction, and agree to accept the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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