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Would you like to study a degree that is going to offer you labor opportunities all around the world?

Bilingual degree ( 2 +1) Great Britain, Ireland, France, Canada

At MBA Business School, in just three years, you will be able to obtain an international, bilingual and practical knowledge by your studies in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Obtain an international university degree in Business Administration in two phases: two years at our headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and one more year in the UK, Ireland, France or Canada.


A-Levels or similar international studies for overseas students. The MBA Business School level entry test. (English, Mathematics, Case study, Personal Interview)


Spanish & English, French or German as a second language.


--- Year 1

    First Term

    • Marketing I.
    • Microeconomics I.
    • Business Skills and Communication.
    • Statistics I.
    • Quantitative Analysis.
    • Financial Accounting I.
    • Business Organisation & Ethics.


    Second Term

    • Budget Control Management.
    • Microeconomics II.
    • Cost Accounting.
    • Advanced Statistics I.
    • World Economic History
    • Financial Accounting II.
    • Commercial and International Trade Law .

    First & Second Term

    • Foreign Language I & II: English B1/B2
    • Foreign Language II: French I & II
    • Work Placement.
    • Economy & Business Workshops
    • Information Technology.
    • Financial Mathematics.
    • Social Responsibility.
    • Learning to Learn.


    --- Year 2

      First Term

      • Macroeconomics.
      • Financial Statement Analysis
      • Investment Management.
      • Production & Operations.
      • Marketing II.
      • Strategic Management.


      Second Term

      • Macroeconomics II.
      • Human Resources Management.
      • Corporate Finances.
      • Production & Operations II.
      • Dissertation

      First & Second Term

      • Foreign Language I: English III IELTS B2
      • Foreign Language II: French III & IV
      • Foreign Language III: German III & IV
      • Economy & Business Workshops
      • Coaching.
      • Entrepreneurship: Ideas and Practice.
      • Social Media in the Business Context.
      • Academic English: Business Skills.


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Tuition fee year 1 - 6.450 €. This includes place reservation and registration fees, classes, documentation during the course, excursions and work placements.
Entry requirements

  • The completed application form.
  • Copy of the Official Secondary School or Higher Education Certificate.
  • Copy of ID Card or Passport .

Teaching Staff

Companies for the work placement

Dinosol supermercados, S.L.
Eudita Exeltia, S.L.
Automoción Acosta
EFMD (National and International internships)
Century 21
Creatívica Canarias, S.L.
Cámara de Comercio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Olarte y Pérez Abogados S.L.
South Paradise S.A.
Ngaro Games La Casa de los Enigmas, S.L.
Suite Taurito S.A.
Cansur S.L.
Leroy Merlin España S.L.U.
Valsons Traders Exportaciones, S.L.
BOLUDA Corporación Marítima, S.L.
Grupo Harald Flick, S.L.
Fund Grube, S.A.
Renta 4 Banco
Consorcio Casa África.
Ahembo, S.L.
Autos Domínguez Maspalomas, S.L.
Alianza Francesa
Grupo de Recambios Amador, S.L.
Among others

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