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Bachelor in Business Administration

In only 3 years you can obtain a degree in Bachelor in Business Administration, attending classes for 2 years at the MBA Business School in Las Palmas and the last year in the UK, Ireland, Canada or France. You can choose among any of the 6 most competitive edge universities and more than 6 majors to choose from. Course 2018-2020 starts in October, registration is now open for new students.

Master In Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain management are the key factors for business in the Canary Islands due to our archipelago´s unique geographical features. Our 10 month program is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a logistics and supply chain expert, focusing either on a business or a humanitarian field, while simultaneously developing your project management skills and leadership abilities. Our teachers are  top-level professionals working in international and regional companies, as well as in humanitarian agencies.  Upon completion of the training you will have acquired the professional know-how and abilities to make strategic decisions to fast track your career.

In Company Programs

We design tailored programs for companies´ training needs, with relevant contents and teaching professionals that create specific training experiences. During our 30-year history, we have successfully carried out tailored programs for the following sectors: retail, food, primary and secondary industries, pharmacy, health, engineering, among others.